We are a top Polish manufacturer of surge protection devices. Since 2000 we have been manufacturing high quality filters, power extension cords and other surge protection equipment.

Our strategy is based on the combination of the highest quality of manufactured products with attractive prices, which has proven very successful. Our main priority has been to meet the growing requirements of our clients and providing them with the highest level of satisfaction. Therefore, thanks to our employees and their commitment to the development of the company, our product offer is becoming more and more attractive and extended by new products.

Our products are characterized by high manufacturing quality, modern design and innovative solutions. All models are manufactured from plastics of high mechanical and thermal strength. Additionally, which is very seldom found in competitive products, our products are made flame retardant with agents free of heavy metal compounds.

All our products undergo tests to be granted the EC Conformity Declaration.

Armac filters protect electrical equipment (computer hardware, audio and video devices, modems, faxes, telephones, printers, telephone exchanges, measuring systems and others) from power surges, short circuits and power network interferences.

Our products are distributed all over the Polish sales network by our business partners. Armac power strips have also been appreciated by renown companies for which we provide our products under their own brand names.

All the time we have been trying not only to build a strong organization but also a team realizing their tasks with passion. As a result, the range of our customers has been constantly growing.